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მაუსის მოდელი: RAZER Abyssus  Goliathus Mobile Construct  (RZ83-02730100-B3M1)

The Razer Abyssus 2000 And Goliathus Control Fissure Mouse  comes with 2000 DPI optical sensor, 1000 Hz ultra-polling, and an  acceleration of up to 60-120 inches per second/15g. This helps in  enhancing the gaming experience, as it offers full control over the  mouse, giving it a firm grip and easy control.         

Convenient Usage This mouse comes with two programmable hype-response buttons, which  ensures perfect accuracy while playing your favorite game. It also comes  with a mat, which provides the right friction to the gaming mouse.  Goliathus is known for providing the best quality mat, which is  optimized for all kind of sensitive setting. The mat comes with  anti-slip rubber base and anti-fraying stitched frame.         
ფასი: 220 ლარი
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